Mission and strategy


Our aim is to be the best in the Russian market of chemical products and to meet highest world standards in mutual relations with our business partners, investors, employees, society and environment. At Kazanorgsintez, we perform to achieve the challenges that the shareholders assign to us driven by the professionalism of our employees and introduction of new technologies.

While dealing with business partners, consumers, financial and public institutions, our company strictly adheres to the principles of business ethics and regards its reputation as one of the most powerful assets.

The key to successful grow of the company and business prosperity are people, therefore, Kazanorgsintez strives to create a corporate environment in which all employees would be able to realize their professional capabilities with maximum benefit for themselves and the company. We provide our employees with good working conditions and decent compensation. In terms of business performance, we prioritize to invest to the introduction of modern processes and own R&D products.

Kazanorgsintez is committed to ensuring that the industrial and environmental safety meets the applicable legal requirements and does everything we can to minimize the adverse effects on the environment and human health.


The general strategy of Kazanorgsintez PJSC is aimed at further transformation into a company of international level, which in terms of market value and main financial and economic indicators will correspond to the leading petrochemical companies in the world.

The hart of development strategy of Kazanorgsintez PJSC bases on:

- Increasing production capacity and expanding the scope of activities towards the leading-edge production while maintaining its position as one of the most advanced manufacturers in the world.

- Improving the sales effectiveness through exports and direct sales to end-users based on a reasonable pricing policy and the implementation of measures to expand the market for our products.

- Making multilateral cooperation with international financial institutions more active in order to gain access to cheap credit resources and new financial instruments.

ПАО "Казаньоргсинтез"

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