Social policy

More than 2500 retired employees -former workers of "Kazanorgsintez" are registered in the trade union organization of the Сompany. Three million rubles from the company profit is allocated to their alimony.

The veterans of the company can get medical aid in divisions of medical unit of JSC "Kazanorgsintez", they can also be provided sanatorium treatment.

The employees of the company are brought to and from work by the company buses. There are special route buses running on the territory of the company according to time-schedule.There is a shop where foodstuff and industrial goods are sold with low trading extra charge.

Two aid-posts deliver medical aid twenty-four hours a day. In case of necessity employees are provided qualified medical services and preventive measures against diseases.

Every year an oncological inspection of employees is conducted at the expense of funds of voluntary medical insurance.

The employees of the company are provided public catering during all working shifts.

The employees registered as needed to improve their housing conditions are granted flats according to the program of social hypothec at the expense of funds transferred by the company to the special organization called State Housing Resources under the president of Republic of Tatarstan.

The other aspects of social protection of the company personnel are defined by Chapter VII of the collective agreement.

ПАО "Казаньоргсинтез"

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