"Sintez" team

Kazan water polo has famous traditions and achievements.

For the first time water polo players showed themselves at All-Union competitions of "Spartak" society in Lvov city in 1950 under the direction of founder of this kind of sport games in Kazan - Anatoly Khristoforovich Panaioti. In 50-60's achievements of Kazan water polo players were rather moderate, but "big river begins from the small stream". Kazan players always distinguished themselves with devotion to this kind of sport and taking part in all Russian tournaments. Building of the first 50-meter swimming pool in Republic "Orgsintez", completed in 1973, stimulated the development of water polo in Kazan. On the base of swimming pool "Orgsintez" the first adult team "Sintez" was formed, which obtained the right to play in the first group of RSFSR championship. We can consider the birthday of "Sintez" the beginning of November 1974, when the first water polo tournament for the prize of "Orgsintez" swimming pool was held.

A large role in development of water polo in Kazan and in formation of "Sintez" team played Oleg Andreevich Novak - enthusiast, trainer, swimming sport school headmaster, city sports committee director.

In 1975 the team took part in the first league of Russian Championship. It is significant to mention the contribution to the development of team of following persons: Honored Trainer of RSFSR Vyacheslav Borisovich Sakharov - the first trainer of the team, Alexey Chernyh - its first captain, and Honored Trainer of RSFSR Valery Alexeevich Lelyuh - trainer of the team from 1975 to 1995.

Two years later, in 1977, "Sintez" won silver medals of RSFSR Championship. Five players of the team were included in combined team of RSFSR. In the same year of 1977 Kazan water polo players were the winners of All-Russian youth games.

The year of 1980 brought golden medals of Russian Federation Championship and second success at youth games.

In 1983 combined team of RSFSR became a Champion of USSR. In this victory there is a merit of our Kazan water polo players - V.Yakovlev, D.Vakhromeev, A.Ostrobokov, who were the members of this combined team. They were rewarded with Champion golden medals.

In 1985 and 1989 "Sintez" team became a Champion of RSFSR again, achieving this status again.

"Sintez" began to take part in the major league of Russian Championship since 1993, and since 1995 Kazan water polo players got the right to take part in European Cups, what certainly raises the team's authority.

In 1995 new tutor, trainer of Sport School for children and teenagers # 8 headed the team. Under his direction in 1998 the team gained the highest achievement - fourth place at the Russian Championship.

In March 2002 new trainer headed the "Sintez" team, Master of sports Yumaev Rustam Jiganshevich - alumnus of Kazan water polo school, its former player and team's captain.

From June 2004 Honored trainer of Russia Zakharov Vladimir Nikolaevich was the head of the team, and under his direction the team won bronze medals at Russia Championship 2004-2005, and next season won the Russia Cup (October 2005), reached the final of "Len Trofi" Cup and became the owner of the silver medals of Russia Championship 2005-2006.

Practically from the moment of the team's foundation, going through all its raises and falls, famous in water polo world referee of International category, a member of 5 best international referees, vice-chairman of water polo board of judges - Afanasjev Andrey Alexanrovich was with the team.

Pupils of "Sintez" team are its pride: Honored master of sports Irek Zinnurov, silver and bronze winner of Olympic games, who had played in Sevastopol and Volgograd and now returned to Kazan. Pupils of Kazan water polo school masters of sport of international class forward Alexanrd Boyko and goalkeeper Nikolay Sharafeev succeeded in country's prestige defense as members of combined team. Later water polo players of "Sintez" forward Igor Gorbach and goalkeeper Oleg Vladimirov entered the Soviet Union combined team.

It should be mentioned, that except aforesaid sportsmen a number of Kazan water polo school players attracted the attention of combined teams directors and trainers of the major league teams, they are: D.Vakhrameev, V.Beljaev, S.Strigunov, V.Ashaev, Y.Ivanov and others.

Over 30 years JSC "Kazanorgsintez" is the only and permanent promoter of "Sintez" water polo master team. The team wouldn't exist without active participation of former and present leaders of JSC "Kazanorgsintez" - Nail Khabibovich Yusupov, Leonid Stepanovich Alekhin, Marat Faritovich Mukhametshin, Il Mannafovich Aituganov, Gaifutdin Gilazovich Shaikhiev, Anatoly Abramovich Brikker, Ilshat Kamilovich Mingazov. Every year the team takes part Russia Championships and Cups and international competitions and stand upon the sport interests of association and Republic, advertising them in the country and abroad.

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