Medical service

After privatization of health authorities in 1994 Orgsintez has got its own medical unit, including polyclinic, aid posts, dentist unit and sanatorium-preventorium. Many things have changed since this time and medical unit material and technical basis become the most modified. There are a lot of new and reconstructed buildings; a lot of modern medical equipment was bought and it influenced a lot sanitation of the stuff and allow to diagnose diseases at the beginning stages and to reduce general disease incidents.


In 2005 during nine months total reconstruction of sanatorium-preventorium was made. From old dilapidated patient care institution it turned into modern sanitary complex, where you may have all types of medical treatment according to world standards. Comfortable double rooms, luxurious halls, gracefully served tables in the canteen - it is one of those places, which is said about: "it's better to see once than to hear 100 times". Talking about sanitary procedures, almost all existing in modern medicine procedures are represented here: physical therapy, inhalations, massages, mud therapy, treatment baths and what not.




Saki mud - it is brought specially for preventorium from the Saki city in Ukraine. They are used for female and articular disorders, support-motor apparatus disorders and others.


Dry carbonic acid gas bath - have a good influence on cardiovascular system, allows to treat a lot of cardiovascular diseases.


"Mountain air" apparatus - helps to relieve from stresses, depressions and bad mood, to improve the immunity and body resistance against infectious and catarrhal diseases.


Modern sport gym, equipped with up-to-date novelties of sport equipment. Here people can not only execute physiotherapy exercises, but also train for the body and soul.


Bathhouse complex:

Infrared sauna - only 30-minute procedure in infrared sauna will give you good spirits, remove slags and toxins with the sweat, and relieve tension. Constant visit of infrared sauna will help in catarrhal diseases prophylaxis, relieve chronic diseases.


Roman bath, is often called Turkish bath.


Finnish sauna in contrast to Roman bath, the steam is dry.


Underwater and classical massage


Pearl bath


Cosmetology room



Salt chamber- one of the first in Kazan, build according to this project. After preventorium a lot of patient care institutions followed this practice. Chamber is made of salt bricks, mined from Perm region at the big depths and looks very beautiful.


Swimming pool, connected with the saunas, equipped with cascade shower. One more advantage is in streams of water gushing out from the swimming pool walls, making an effect of massage.


Multimag magnetotherapy device - wonderful healer, it positively influences a lot of diseases, particularly vascular pathology, support-motor apparatus diseases, postoperative wounds. There are only two of such kind of devices.


Psycho emotional relieve room - here with the help of dimmed light, aroma of calming oils and appropriate music there is an atmosphere of rest and peace, which our contemporaries lack a lot.


Billiard room with wonderful Russian billiard.



Polyclinic service is organized in the way that all workers could pass high-quality and full medical examination. To provide it we have all necessary specialists and all modern types and methods of our patients' checkup. Polyclinic is equipped with modern treatment-diagnostic equipment. People can come to us without interruption from work, take the necessary procedures and return to their workplace.

Functioning is set by the workshop-divisional principle, when every physician has his own division, which he knows. Doctors come to the workshops, perform preventory and explanatory works, analyze the reasons of diseases etc.

All medical staff constantly raises their level of proficiency, master new methods, studying not only in Russia but also abroad.


Day hospital. Polyclinic has got 12 beds of day hospital, where factory workers can get all necessary procedures without extra emotional stresses, which are always present in usual hospital system: inhalations, injections, systems with medical products, massages. After the procedures there is a possibility to have a rest in comfortable double rooms, and in the evening return to the family.


Modern ultrasonic device - allow to diagnose a lot of diseases. During the preventory medical examinations we perform the screening checkup and in case of finding some severe diseases, give directive to the experts.


Physiotherapy room - is located in the day hospital building and occupies the whole floor. It is equipped with modern equipment, which contributes in many diseases treatment.


Procedure unit - here you can make necessary injections and blood tests.


X-ray unit by Philips company, is one of the most updated. Roentgenograms made on it have perfect quality and let to see all necessary details, that is very important, because in disease diagnostics every detail can be vital.



Laboratories - are equipped with modern equipment, thanks to it is possible to exclude human element in diagnosing analysis results.


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