Organic Products and Industrial Gases Plant

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The share of products in commodity output of Kazanorgsintez PJSC
1,9 %

Organic Products and Industrial Gases Plant was established in 2012 through merger of Organic Products Plant and Nitrogen, Oxygen and Cold Production Plant. The Plant includes seven shops and three divisions. Organic Products and Industrial Gases Plant produce a wide range of products demanded both at domestic and foreign market.

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Organic products production facilities of the Plant produce products based on ethylene oxide: ethanol amines, butyl cellosolve, and products for primary treatment of crude oil, like corrosion and paraffin inhibitors, proxanols and proxamines, demulsifiers. Ethanol amines are used in oil and gas industry for purification of gases from sour and sulfur-containing organic compounds and for production of perfumery product. Butyl cellosolve is used in perfumery and coating industry. Oil demulsifiers, corrosion and paraffin inhibitors are used by oil production companies for separation oil from water, for oil recovery enhancement and for protection of drilling equipment..


Industrial gases facilities produce gaseous and liquid nitrogen, gaseous and liquid oxygen, gaseous and liquid argon, cold, dry compressed air, gaseous and liquid carbon dioxide. About 90% of the above utilities are used by other Plants and divisions of the Company. The main commercial products are liquid industrial oxygen shipped to the customers in special tank cars by railroad and cryogenic transport tanks by motor transport; gaseous industrial oxygen shipped to the customers in steel bottles under nominal pressure of (14.7±0.5) MPa (150±5 kgf/cm2) (at temperature 20°С); gaseous argon shipped to the customers in steel bottles under nominal pressure of (14.7±0.5) MPa (150±5 kgf/cm2) (at temperature 20°С); liquid nitrogen and argon shipped to the customers by motor transport in cryogenic transport tanks. Gaseous nitrogen is used for creation of inert environment during production, storage and transportation of readily oxidizable products, for high-temperature treatment of metals not reacting with nitrogen as well as for other purposes. Liquid nitrogen is used as a coolant and also (after gasification) for the purposes similar to that of gaseous nitrogen. Gaseous and liquid industrial oxygen is used for flame treatment of metals, for intensification of chemical and metallurgical processes. Argon is used as a protective environment during welding, cutting and fusing of active and rare metals and their alloys, aluminium, aluminium and magnesium alloys, stainless nickel chrome heat-resistant alloys and different grades of alloyed steel and for metal purification in metallurgy.


Apart from production of commercial products, the Plant provides all subdivisions of the Company with main feedstock (propane fraction, propane-butane fraction, propylene fraction, butene-1, isopenthane, hexane, liquid carbon dioxide etc.) and also with materials and utilities (liquid and gaseous nitrogen, liquid and gaseous oxygen, liquid and gaseous argon, cold, dry compressed air and gaseous carbon dioxide).


The following shops form the Organic Products and Industrial Gases Plant:

Liquefied hydrocarbon feedstock shop;

Shop for production of carbon dioxide, cleaning of polymer filters, liquid and gaseous effluents disposal and recycling (10, 88, 400);

Cold and oxygen production shop;

Nitrogen and air production shop;

Ethanol amines production shop (310, 312);

Hydrocarbon feedstock and flare units shop (109, 110);

Shop for production of products based on ethylene oxide, feedstock and end-products (41, 50, 762).


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