Overhaul preparation and execution plant

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Plant for preparation and execution of major overhauls (PEMO Plant) was established in 2004.


The Plant carries out preparatory works and maintenance and major overhauls of the equipment in all units of the Company.

PEMO Plant includes four shops and three areas:

- Equipment installation and repair;

- Pipelines repair and retrofit;

- Special-purpose equipment and steel structures production and repair shop;

- Repair and construction shop;

- Transport area;

- Lifting devices area;

- Electrical and heat-power equipment repair and maintenance shop.

The Plant performs almost all types of activities: installation and repair of process equipment, vent systems, process pipelines and steam lines, cooling towers and other structures. The Plant engages highly experienced installers, welders, engineers and technicians capable of performing sophisticated high-rise installation operations.

The Plant performs repair works on any complexity on pumps and compressors, as well as repair and dynamic balancing of fans in field.

The Plant is equipped with modern unique lifting cranes and other equipment which allow prompt operation.

Special-purpose equipment and steel structures production and repair shop ensures prompt preparatory works prior to overhauls and prefabrication of all the necessary pipe shells and steel structures thus reducing the time for their installation during repair.

The Plant also includes accredited Non-destructive Testing Laboratory. The Laboratory performs welding seams quality control and rotating equipment vibration monitoring.

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