Sanitary - industrial laboratory

General Information:

Sanitary and Industrial laboratory of Kazanorgsintez PJSC

Accreditation Certificate No. RA.RU.21AK23 dated 27.06.2016г.

The Laboratory monitors the following:

Hazardous substance (dust, gas, vapor) content in occupational air;

Operation efficiency of gas and dust collectors and compliance with established maximum permissible emission limits;

Air basin conditions in the territory of the Company and within the sanitary protection zone (fixed monitoring station), including monitoring under unfavorable meteorological conditions;

Spread of emissions around the Company’s site (underflare monitoring);

Operation of local effluent treatment stations and their compliance with technical regulation norms;

Quality of chemically contaminated and storm waters of the Company’s facilities;

Quality of waste water after bio-treatment facilities prior their discharge to water body;

Quality of Volga river water upstream, downstream and at the point of discharge of Company’s waste water;

Air environment under request of Company’s subdivisions during performance of fire of gas-hazardous works (welding, equipment repair etc.);

Physical factors in the production premises (noise level, illumination, microclimate, vibration, electromagnetic fields).

Accreditation scope of the Laboratory

Natural surface water and waste water (treated water, industrial and storm water, chemically contaminated water);

Occupational air, industrial effluents, atmospheric air;

Physical factors (light environment parameters, noise level, microclimate, vibration, electromagnetic emission at PC and video-display terminal user workplaces).

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